On-demand Coaching for Writing

 ●On-demand Coaching serves pupils who manage well the components of the 

    English Language papers, yet feel the nagging need for more guidance and            support to attain a better score for the Continuous Writing paper.

 ●On-demand Coaching provides pupils the flexibility to chart their own pace

    and  progress. As soon as spot-on help addresses their areas of concern, they

    are free to manage writing on their own. There is no need for them to commit to

    a fixed number of sessions or specified time period.

 ●On-demand Coaching allows pupils to learn writing at the comfort of their own

    home without the hassle of spending time travelling before and after class. One-

    on-one consultation can be conducted at pupil’s home.

 ●On-demand Coaching, given the fluidity of self-appointed time, allows pupils to

    take up one more essential learning commitment without having to juggle it with

    the many which require physical attendance of classes.