Mrs Chua reads and annotates each writing piece sent via email. Each writing effort will be returned with a full report based on the elements of CRT for Content, the unique formula that Mrs Chua uses to teach writing at EnglishWise Academy and the elements of LO for Language and Organisation.

Content, Language and Organisation are the key features in the mark scheme for the assessment of Writing in the PSLE Paper.

In-depth feedback will be given on the following elements of CRTLO.

●  Character accountability
                                       - choice of main characters
                                       - number of main characters

                                       - engagement of main characters
                                       - accountability of main characters
                                       - characters’ talk
                                       - characters’ thoughts and feelings
                                       - description of characters
                                       - making setting real
                                       - making characters real
                                       - pulling in the crowd
                                       - working the crowd

  Topic focus
                                       - keeping topic in mind
                                       - flashing topic along the way
                                       - closing with a clear statement of the topic

                                       - accurate writing conventions
                                       - good sentence variety                                        
                                       - effective word choice
                                       - appropriate rhetorical devices                
                                       - paragraphing of content
                                       - paragraphing of dialogue                                   
                                       - sequencing of ideas

For Language and Organisation, where there is an observable need to address an area of concern, pupils will receive supplementary support. 

How is On-demand Coaching done?


On-demand Coaching for Writing