​​On-demand Coaching for Writing

What does the Writing Coach do?


Very often, pupils are told that their stories are not interesting enough or that their stories lack development, leaving pupils clueless and helpless as to how they can better develop their stories or add interest value to them. Do not fret. Let Mrs Chua share with the pupils her PSLE writing formula: The CRT Way

To do well in the PSLE Continuous Writing Paper, pupils need to know not only how they can apply the elements of Content but also how they can wield the elements of Language and Organisation to help them write an engaging and well-developed composition - one that will help them score. 

Mrs Chua knows what good writing is and how pupils' writing compares with the expectations and demands of the PSLE Continuous Writing Paper. She will work with the pupils not only on the content development but also on the language and organisation of their stories to make sure their writing is the best that it can be.